Strategic Planning Firms

Are your competitors moving ahead from you? Does your strategy allocate resources? Can each employee articulate his strategy and be empowered to carry it out? In Manthan, we as a Top business consulting firm consider a strategy much more than a plan. Since the founding of Manthan in 2014, a strategy is our core business. We as a Strategic Planning Firm work with companies from all industries to develop strategies that deliver results.

For over three years, Manthan’s superior skills have helped thousands of customers in every industry develop and deliver winning strategies.

  • We as a strategic planning firm see things that others lack and offer them more creative solutions that combine our deep strategic experience, intimate knowledge of the industry and clear ideas about the value added in your company.
  • We work together with organizations as one of the best strategy consulting firm, develop sustainable skills for your team and help you to change your organization.
  • We define our success through our results. We as a top Strategy consulting firms are very concerned about our customers. We appreciate our work, and we like to do it.

Our strategic consulting experience includes:

  • Fundamentals of growth: Only 1 out of 9 companies achieve sustained growth. We as a top business consulting firm helping companies grow by defining and focusing on their foundation.
  • Business Unit Strategy: An efficient strategy for business units requires exclusive decisions about where to play and how to win. The aim is to provide the company with a full economic potential.
  • Corporate strategy: The company strategy includes a number of its measures that enable a company to earn more than the sum of its components. The most important role of the Center is the support of business units in management positions.
  • The mentality of the founder: To win over the long term, most companies need the benefits and cost implications for globally established companies. By reaching this scale, companies often lose what we call the mentality of the founder: the strengths and values ​​that have helped them.
  • Digital: We as a strategy consulting firm help companies develop digital strategies that address a core strategy, inspire customers, and use them more intelligently and quickly. Our Digital B2B Digital Strategy product, Digital Radar Bath, combines a practical set of short-term, highly effective initiatives with a bold vision of how the pace of digital innovation can change the shape of the industry’s time.
  • Manthan Innovation: Manthan Advisors works with customers to transform innovations into new product developments and to create ideas by combining creative strategies and analytical approaches.
  • Threshold markets: The majority of the world’s population and the double-digit growth, the emerging markets in Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe are to be won by multinational companies. We at Manthan best Strategic planning firms help companies navigate this unknown terrain and successfully compete with native and other multinational corporations.
  • Sustainability: Manthan’s helps companies to develop renewable energy policies, fully exploit the potential of recycling processes, and identify, among other things, the impact of new trends and regulations.