Project Management Office

The success of any project depends on how well the project is implemented. It is necessary to boost efficiency, cut costs, and improve on project delivery in terms of time and budget and a systematic and well executed project plan defines the difference between successful and unsuccessful project.

We at Manthan Advisors, having set up Project Management Office(PMO) for various projects, have gained a profound understanding of the direct relation between a well made plan and a successful project. Our implementation plans break down project targets into monthly, weekly and daily tasks that help all stakeholders to navigate through the complicated landscapes as they implement a project. But our core offering to you in a PMO is not just the plan, but an implementation strategy, stakeholder coordination and rigorous follow-up that enables each stakeholder to participate efficiently in the implementation phase of every project.

Our PMO tool is a one-of-a-kind implementation tool that allows all stakeholders to be updated about every dependency and forecast challenges before time. Proactive action thus enables you to adhere to project deadlines and meet cost, quality and time targets.

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Implementation plan

Success of a project depends on how good the implementation plan is. We bring our understanding of planning and strategy developed over multiple projects across various industries and combine it with your specific requirements to make a robust implementation plan to ensure success of the project.

Stakeholder coordination

Ideal project management requires constant coordination between various stakeholders to ensure synchronization. Through regular stakeholder meetings and coordination assistance, we are committed to coordination and efficient implementation.

Risk management

Its necessary to look at the project as a whole and identify risk areas which may become potential issues. We have developed a robust risk management system, which allows you to forecast issues and mitigate their risk.

Persistent investigation

We believe in persistent status checks and follow-up mechanisms, to ensure all stakeholders are aligned on time and cost targets for project implementation. Stakeholder meetings, virtual presentations, and rigorous follow-ups help implement the project on time.

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