Market Research

At Manthan we deliver in-depth study and analysis for successful prospect of a proposed product or service. This may include valuing market potential, existing and foreseen competition, industry research, compliances to exist in the market, specific market characteristics, market dynamics, customer needs, trends and challenges. We help businesses by carrying out accurate market forecasts with our expertise in management consulting. Primary and secondary research set the platform for the market analysis process. The market scenario at various stages is analyzed to give a 360 degree view to the client.

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Our Consulting Services

Market Assessment
Trend Monitoring
Market Dynamics, Positioning and Segmentation
Market Sizing Estimations
Market Forecasting
Market Entry Strategies

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Comprehensive Solutions

We at Manthan Advisors offer comprehensive solutions and deliver a multi-faceted analysis of the market. With our research and expertise we are able to recommend the best-suited approaches to boost your business from the preliminary stage to the ultimate goal. We gather facts from various publications and assemble the same using several verification points. Our consultants validate the market data, study the facts, garner perceptions and envision the whole ecosystem.

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Extensive Research

Through each market research project, we provide insights across an extensive range of critical factors such as market size, development drivers, competitive setting and projections. We create unparalleled data precision using our comprehensive primary and secondary research and analysis. Interviews are piloted with diverse stakeholders like producers, traders, suppliers, consumers and important opinion stalwarts of the industry.

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Personalized Service

We provide actionable insights for market analysis of a wide range of industries helping companies construct strategy, form brands and initiate growth. Each client is provided personalized service. Our practices are commissioned to suit the individual needs of each project. The project lifecycle, formation, implementation while ensuring quality control is given utmost importance. Our customers derive great value from powerful visualizations that create significant impact.

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strategy development

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Range of benefits

Better Decision Making

Market Research builds the foundation for structuring marketing strategies to achieve successful business results. It is essential to conduct the process in an accurate, structured and organized manner.

Avoid the Difficult Path

A strong market analysis prevents any launch from the difficult struggle stage. Our specialists pool radical technical resources along with commercial cognizance while showcasing leading-edge research skills, which lead to business success.

Outline Winning Strategies

Piloting applicable market research is beneficial for a company to estimate the population of target users, growth rates, size and importance of market segment. This eventually helps to outline strategies for buying decisions, product development, budgets, purchase models and other important factors.

Recognize Opportunities

Market research can also help companies recognize favorable circumstances, lead product or service development and achieve competitive advantage. Macroeconomic metrics along with bottom up and top down methods gives way to treasured qualitative and quantitative understandings.

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