Competitor Research


Competitor Research

Being just aware of your industry players is not enough, knowing your competitors well is believed to be a sign of winning half the battle. It is essential to concentrate on actionable facets of competitor strategies and competences. Understanding the competition, their differentiating capabilities, the market share they possess, is a decisive activity for any business. Smart marketers engage in competitive research for a better understanding of what products and value propositions they are up against.

We help companies analyze the opponent population and background, understand the strategic position, abilities and agendas of critically important competitors. This enables benchmarking for internal development, strategic risk response, anticipating competitor plans and gaining knowledge about competitor strengths and weaknesses.

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Competitive Assessment

Assessing the following elements is essential part of conducting competitive research:

  • Product portfolio
  • Unique selling points
  • Key personnel
  • Geographic reach
  • Strategic direction
  • Price differentiation
  • Revenue mix
  • Investment Plans
Research beyond the Business Plan

Consultants at Manthan Advisors help set an agenda for the competitive assessment depending on the purpose of the task. Crucial brand differentiators are a key that directs companies towards the nature of the competition. Our consultants have expertise of conducting competitive intelligence for both national and international companies. Industry concentration helps measure the total and predominant players of the industry.

Businesses can benefit by developing an outline for creating competitive valuations and collect intelligence on rivals. It’s essential to stay smooth on the competitive landscape, to successfully position your own brand or company in the market. We help you to stay ahead of developments that can influence the business and help make decisions around product, pricing, promotions and other critical aspects.

Comprehensive outline by our consultants of how well the competitors provide on the assurance of their brand can empower your trade and help overcome industry challenges effectively. Our competitive business research can help you gain edge in a global marketplace and enable your business to comprehend its true potential and achieve the vision.

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We at Manthan Advisors help to chalk out strategy to grow the market share through competitive research, assisting the organizations to compare their structures and products with other rivals. This assessment can be specific to product or can relate to broad customer services such as delivery, warranty, after sales etc. The scope of this activity leads to determining the key improvement areas for enhanced performance.

Business benefits of conducting competitive research include:

  • Market assessment
  • Identify important players
  • Analyze competitors offerings
  • Acquire Know the market.
  • Forecast new customers
  • Track trends and scenarios
  • Profitable business areas
  • Build business model
  • Strategic decision making
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